Utilities Duct Laying

Fast, Professional Installations & Repairs

Road Traffic Manaagement

We handle all on-site works to enable the service pipe or ducting to be laid quickly, safely and in a cost effective manner.



    During duct laying we ensure -

1 installed duct/main is surrounded by sand or other
                 suitable material

1mains are covered as soon as possible to avoid damage

1Backfill and sub-base materials must be free from any
                organic, perishable or hazardous material

1marker tape is incorporated within backfill


Gas  Works Installations


Gas Mains

Full on-site works to enable the gas mains to be laid, allowing the connection to the mains and the service termination at the building.

We also offer no-dig technology ( moling ) where trenching isn’t suitable.



Water Works Installed



We offer options for installing, replacement and repair of water mains, we also offer no-dig technology ( moling ) where trenching isn’t suitable.

Tallybrooke manages water mains ducts for both domestic and commercial clients.


Tar Patch repair



Conduit installed underground between buildings, structures, or devices to allow installation of power and communication cables.

An assembly of these conduits, a duct bank, may either be directly buried in earth or encased in concrete (sometimes with refinforcing rebar to aid against shear). .

Broadband Installations




Professional installation of underground lead-ins to connect buildings to the nearest telecommunications network.

We check the location of existing power/telecommunications and other underground networks before digging. Then we identify the network access point in the street and the External Termination Point location at the property BEFORE selecting the duct route.

Tallybrooke's people pay attention to detail - constantly.



Tar Patch repairMoling

Impact Moling is a low cost reliable method for installation of pipes, cables and ducts beneath roads and other areas where surface disruption is to be avoided.

As with all trenchless techniques cost savings over open-cut trenching can be huge.


The pneumatic piercing tools effectively tunnel between two points, enabling the installation of underground pipes, ducts and cables without digging a trench or disturbing the ground surface.  Tallybrooke own and operate a cost effective moling system.

2Handles pipes, cables and ducts 2Minimal excavation and reinstatement 2Roadways intact


Fiber OpticsTar Patch repair

Getting the basics right first time is the key to Tallybrooke's success laying with Fiber Optics.

We ensure the cable to be pulled is long enough for the run. This prevents having to splice fiber and the need to provide special protection for the splices.

It's best complete the installation in one pull so prior to any installation, we assess the route, carefully determine the methods of installation and identify obstacles to be addressed.

We are careful to never exceed the maximum pulling tension rating, exceed the cable bend radius or twist the cable when installing.



Tar Patch repair


Tallybrook have been installing Eircom cables for over 5 years.

Call now and let us help with your next installation!